Breaking News: EOS Nottingham has become EOS UK

What’s in a name?

When we started our candidacy project we began by following the naming convention of our peers and used our region name as part of our candidacy name EOS Nottingham. This led to also making use of the legend that is Robin Hood to aid in global recognition, I mean everyone has heard of Robin Hood and knows he comes from Nottingham right? Right. However, as the project evolved and gathered momentum what we were not prepared for was the groundswell of enthusiasm from the community, far and wide, looking to get involved.

EOS is probably the only community I have ever been involved in where people are so willing to invest their time and personal resources to further the cause, and these people are coming at us from far and wide. I know that the other BPs and EOS community leaders are experiencing the same, it is truly becoming a phenomenon. This enthusiasm that we’re experiencing is only going to increase as more and more people are learning about the EOS platform and begin to get an understanding of what it could potentially become and what that can mean to the world.

So, having met two distinctly different groups in Manchester, namely Manchester University Blockchainers and the Manchester Meetups group and aligned our interests, this was quickly followed by two other alliances with the Shinytastic group from Maidenhead in Berkshire and the Survey Galaxy team from Hampton Court in Kingston Upon Thames. We’ve also had interest from groups in Shrewsbury and Stoke on Trent, and all of a sudden we realised we were quickly reaching out far beyond out initial geographic location of Nottingham. I feel it is our duty as envoys of the EOS system and Block Producer candidates to be willing to share the EOS knowledge and experience we are gaining on the platform every day, with everyone who is interested in it, no matter where in the UK they might be based.

Therefore this post is to officially announce the change of our Block Producer candidate name from EOS Nottingham to EOS UK. The legal entity behind EOS UK is still Advanta Productions Limited, which is the company we have been running for over 12 years. Advanta provides web app development and Internet solutions which has given us valuable technical, and real-world business, experience ideal to providing a robust Block Producer service to the EOS network.

All domain names and email addresses will forward to the new name and the telephone number remains the same +44 (0)115 822 4546 our Telegram channel has been renamed and eventually branding across all the channels will be consistent. We thank the EOS community for bearing with us during this rebranding exercise. Any questions can be directed by email to


To continue please click through to the new re branded website at